The end of summer is a good time to take a pause, a breath, to take stock and consider impending change: of seasons and weather, of mind-set and thinking. What better way to do that than by immersing oneself in the familiar and yet slightly mystical landscape of the local Moors?

During lockdown and now, as we take tentative steps in to ‘the new normal’ it’s fair to say we all did our fair share of walking and wandering, of being alone in our own thoughts as we explored nature, one of our permitted freedoms. Even if those walks, that wandering was in company, there was an element of introspection, of reflection. It’s easy, as life’s pace increases again and we think about the future to carried along by what’s next. It’s increasingly important to find a moment to take stock.

For us, one such moment comes from discovering and rediscovering Forest: Moor or Less, the latest collection by Dawn Bauling and Ronnie Goodyer published by Indigo Dreams. Here, two poets present their observations, thoughts, experiences of a place they both love, a place that has multiple meanings for them both in a single collection which has a unified message: ‘you are not alone, we’re in this together.’ This has been an important message during these strange times and is one which it is important to remember now.

There are solitary moments here, memories, thoughts, but the two poetic styles here: lyrical, observational, provoking, combine to challenge notions of the solitary poet walking, wandering. There is a sense of collective purpose here, of recording, experiencing, witnessing even nature and place and life. These are more than poems, these are fragments of a conversation which, when experienced together, remind us of the power of sharing our perception of the world and our appreciation of places and our place within the world. A celebratory and triumphant collection which showcasing differing poetic styles which complement each other to make for a joyous read and the lingering remembrance to really explore a place and what it means to us.

 Forest: Moor or Less is available now.