The poems in Rose Cook’s latest pamphlet Sightings encourage the reader to stop, take a moment and observe and this seems to be precisely what’s needed at the moment: brief moments of pause when we slow down in the world enough to actually see it.

Sight and the notion of seeing active pursuit, is unsurprisingly at the forefront of this collection and what is seen is the awesome beauty and occasional devastation of the natural world and the impact of cause and effect. The poems champion both brevity and incredible depth and explore human interaction with the wider world.

Whilst what is seen changes from poem to poem, a recurring theme is the constant ‘dance’ of life’s cycle – the marvellous pace of life and its propensity to just keep moving forward. The poems here encourage the reader to take stock, to ground themselves against the relentlessness of change and that is something we could all use a reminder of now and again.

With its rich use of description and its warm, personable voice – a voice not adverse to be on occasion overawed, Sightings is thoroughly recommended.

Sightings is available now, published by Hen Run.