Do you know what we love here at Literature Works? We love it when the artistic disciplines communicate to create something unique and original. This has been achieved in the latest collection edited by Deborah Gaye, Spring of the Muses.

All art and artistic expression is celebrated here. From the thoughtfully curated selection of poetry and short prose, to the diverse approaches to the theme of ‘the arts’. There are poems that penetrate the reader’s minds as much as their musical counterparts Gaia Holmes’ ‘Harmony’ and those which take on the urgency of their art form such as Chris Tutton’s ‘The Ghost Dance’.

As well as these literal and figurative representations of the arts, there are those pieces in the collection which see art in the everyday. Alison Brackenbury’s ‘On Hold,’ is a particularly amusing example of this. We all have experience of being placed on endless hold, but when is the moment reached that the song you’ve heard five times on repeat becomes the anthem that gets stuck in your head? The works in this collection are thoughtful and thought provoking and use the medium of literature to entwine our other creative pursuits.

This is a collection which explores our connection to art as well as our perception of it, daring us to consider the artistic moment in the every day – something we could all do a little more…

Spring of the Muses  is out now, published by Avalanche books.