At Literature Works, we’re always pleased to connect with new audiences in our region. One of the ways we do this is by collaborating with organisations and initiatives across the South West to reach writers and literature enthusiasts with the work we do.

We’re working with Cultivator in Cornwall producing industry insight events for their writer clients. It’s been a really interesting meeting of the business sector and literature as a creative industry. We provided one-to-one advice surgeries for six of Cultivator’s writer clients, supporting them in their writing journeys and discovering what additional support they would benefit from. This one-to-one contact explored their ideas and connected them to new networks, an aim we share with Cultivator.

On 29th July we ran a ‘Book Marketing’ workshop, facilitated by author and marketer Neema Shah, as our first industry insight day for Cultivator’s writer clients. Here’s what some of the attendees said:

“The session was really useful […] I got plenty of ideas about how to market my book.”

“Attending this session helped boost my confidence [and will] help me be innovative when marketing my book”.

In October, we’ll be running a ‘How to Get Published’ insight event featuring industry professionals. We’re really looking forward to it! Whilst the industry insight events we’re running are for Cultivator clients, following them on Facebook and Instagram is the best way to find out if there are any spaces for members of the public at these events. Please note, Cultivator is not taking on new clients at this time.

Cultivator exists to grow the creative economy in Cornwall. They do this by providing several strands of activity to support businesses in the county. These strands include:

Either with a general business advisor or a sector specific advisor (of which there are nine). These sessions are used mainly to sound out new project ideas and develop marketing and planning strategies.

This programme provides support to clients from others in their field who have a different level of experience. For their writer clients, this can mean working with an established writer to receive feedback on their work for example.

This strand offers the potential for pursuing further training in their field. For writers, this could mean receiving support to explore new genres of writing (commercial writing to creative writing for example) in the aim of expanding their experience.

This is aimed at helping clients grow their network, reach their local community and connect with young people, for example.

This strand is about taking talent outside of Cornwall and showcasing it nationally and internationally.

Cultivator run a programme of events which respond to their clients need. These could be general business support, or sector specific support events.