So, it’s National Aunts and Uncles Day today and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Aunts than by reviewing The Emma Press’ Anthology of Aunts.


We’re used to celebrating Mothers and Fathers and even in some cases grandparents but how many of us actually know that today is the national day for celebrating the aunts (and uncles – but here we’re focussing on aunts –)? This lovely little anthology celebrates them perfectly.


The poems collected in these pages explore not only what it feels like to have an aunt, but also what it feels like to be one. In poems like ‘A Cuddle of Aunts’, a personal favourite we see aunts in a more traditional view – the immediate and extended figures who gather for family occasions. In others, ‘Holiday in Clacton’ for example we see the mischievous exoticness of the aunt who takes us on holiday, who sneaks us extra treats and allows us to do things that our mothers never would – the cool aunt, the figure of mystery and intrigue. Here there is a gaggle of every type aunt from the cheek-tugging great aunt to the first time auntie and those who have become honorary aunts.


This marvellous collection featuring some striking voices and unique perspectives is a thoroughly recommended read for anyone looking to celebrate their aunts today or any other. Aunts, we salute you.


The Anthology of Aunts is out now, published by The Emma Press.