A one-day extravaganza of stories, words and music; A stunning venue in beautiful countryside. 13th July 12 midday – 11 pm.

Leading story promoter brings Mount Olympus to Dorset for a wild day of myth and festivities.

In partnership with Earthouse Storytelling Ambassadors,leading story promoter the Crick Crack Club will host a one-day summer festival in Cranborne entitled Greek Myths for Grownups. The venue is the Earthouse, a turf-roofed underground venue with oak tree pillars, and the beautiful Dorset countryside. Both will be filled with music, poetry, talks and stories bringing to life some of our best-loved mythical characters. and food and drink will flow from Viking feasting hall The Longhouse.

Highlights of Greek Myths for Grownups include poet Alice Oswald reading from her new myth-inspired collection Nobody, Balkan music from the Trans-Siberian March Band, and leading thinker Prof. Helen King on Goddesses – on womanhood, sacrifice, and ritual. Alongside these events will be Stories: uncensored versions of iconic myths by the UK’s most compelling storytellers: from the

Metamorphoses (Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden) to the fierce hunter goddess Atalanta (Ben Haggarty).

The world of Greek myth is unmistakably a world of adults: grown-up gods and grown-up people pursuing – or resisting – their very adult desires, in landscapes familiar to us all.

The Crick Crack Club said: These are stories that many of us think we know, or think we should know! We wanted to create an event that gives absolutely everyone access to these stunning narratives, whilst also reading between the lines, digging out unspoken versions of these tales, and turning old ideas and assumptions on their heads.

The Ancient Technology Centre (who own Cranborne Earthouse) said ‘We share the Crick Crack Club’s main aim: reaching people’s imaginations in different and exciting ways. We’re excited to host such a high calibre of artists here in Dorset.’

The Crick Crack Club has been programming epic, myth and fairy tale performances, talks and festivals for grown-ups all over the UK for over30 years. It welcomes audiences, old, new and everything in between. All you really need to know is that the answer to ‘Crick’ is always ‘Crack.

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