National Memory Day 2019

National Memory Day 2019 falls on 23rd May, during Dementia Action Week.

To mark the day this year, we’re heading to Southway library in Plymouth with one of our trained poets Melanie Crump, to participate in a poetry session at their Memory Cafe.

Our poetry sessions in Memory Cafes are at the heart of the project which is a partnership with the Poetry Archive and endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Society. On National Memory Day, we want to share with you two poems which have been created by participants with support from our National Memory Day trained poets.

Orange sky, sunrise or sunset?

Shining on Jean’s summerhouse
was this orange sky,
it looked like there was a light on
in the summerhouse
it was so beautiful…..
Funny you should say that
Michelle said, it calls to mind
the orange sky
over the water
by the Tamar
the sunset reflecting
over the water
where the Tor Point
ferries cross.
Albert thinks of sea fever
I must go down to the seas again
to the lonely sea and the sky
and all I ask is a small cup
full of Earl Grey
and Bergamot.
And Netta’s brought
the Jaffa cakes
while Paul’s built a bonfire
with flames of orange-yellow
and George has the toasting sticks
so we’ll all have marshmallows.
Now the sun has set
the moon peeps out
with a star to steer her by.

By Netta, Paul, George, Jean, Albert and Michelle, compiled by Claire Coleman 21/3/18


My Mother loved poetry,
And now I’m remembering my school days
When we had to learn Shakespeare.
I remember Northern poems now I live in Devon,
Of those things we learned when we were young,
And the context of where we were before –
There’s laughter in the room.

I remember sitting sketching that poem,
It’s like painting with words.
I enjoyed the leaves one,
You can really visualise Spring –
And it tells a story.
You can hear people thinking,
And it’s uplifting, a joyous kaleidoscope of life.
It’s like music.

By the Chagford Memory Café Poets 10th January 2019

This National Memory Day, we’re asking you to help us celebrate the power of poetry by sharing your favourite poems with us on social media. Follow @Litworks and use the hashtag #NationalMemoryDay to join the conversation.