At a glance

Where to find inspiration and overcome writer’s block
Tackle practical exercises to deal with common writing mistakes
Share your work and critique others’

You will gain

Insight into your own writing and exposure to new styles, ideas and techniques
Practical tips and insights into the writing process
A sense of community with other writers

The Writers’ Clinic is for anyone who would like to be more confident before they start their writing journey, whether writing a short story or a full-length novel. Aimed at beginners and intermediate writers, the course will kick off with three sessions to inspire, galvanise and empower you.
Topics covered will include how to tell your story: a look at tenses, perspectives and voices; how to plan and plot and how to create great characters and dialogue. There’ll be practical problem-solving, too, for some common complaints, such as ‘telling’ instead of ‘showing’ the reader the action. Other topics tackled will include creating suspense in a story and editing like a professional.

Dates & Times

The course will run on Mondays 11th, 18th, 25th Jan at 4:00-5:30pm.

Supported Places
There are 3 spaces available as 50% bursary for BAME writers on low-income. Please only opt for this ticket if otherwise you would not be able to afford to attend. These are on a first come first serve basis and given through trust and goodwill.

Further essential information, including full application details are available here.