Telegraph Museum Porthcurno and Minack Theatre to commission and support a new play for the Minack’s 2020 season.

Applications close at 5pm on 31st May 2019.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first cable landing on the beach at Porthcurno in 1870, the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno (PK Trust) is partnering with the Minack Theatre Trust to commission a talented and committed playwright to develop an original work for the Minack Theatre’s stage which will premiere within the Minack’s main 2020 season.

One writer will be selected and commissioned to write a new stage play for the Minack Theatre’s 2020 Season. This will be paid at the recommended UK Theatre / Writers Guild rates for stage productions.
The work should be an original idea based on or drawing on source material from the archives at the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno and responding to themes which emerge from this 150 year history. Writers are encouraged to make the play one that can also be performed in other settings, so it needs to have the potential to have a future life.

Subject to the Minack’s approval, the play will be produced by the Minack in June 2020. Writing to within the production budget, the play should be written to be performed by up to 6 professional actors. The number of actors will have to reduce if the play requires substantial scenery or props. Applicants should bear this in mind in their submissions.

Click here for full details of how to apply