Over four weekends 6th - 28th March 2021, the Irish Writing Retreat are running a virtual writing retreat.

Among the many benefits of Irish Writing Retreat’s new Virtual Writing Retreat, you:

-will enjoy exclusive conversations with a total of 12 published international authors from places as diverse as Donegal, Berlin, Belfast, Paris, Tyrone, Transylvania, Dublin, Maryland, Edinburgh and Virginia.

-benefit from expert critiques of over 8,000 words of your very own writing.

-receive invaluable feedback on some of your own work-in-progress.

-gain insights into writing in different genres, from crime and mystery to memoir, historical non-fiction, erotic literature, memoir, humor and children’s literature.

-learn more about the technique and skills required for successful award-winning flash fiction.

-acquire writing skills that could be applied to other specialised areas such as food writing, travel writing and arts and entertainment reviews.

-understand how best to find a Literary Agent that specifically matches your needs, how to write that convincing all-important Query Letter and innovative strategies for promoting and selling your work.

These are practical workshops. An in-class assignment will be emailed by participants during the workshop to the tutor for critiquing. There will also be an assignment of not more than 500 words given during the workshop to be emailed the following day for personal feedback.

​In addition, each participant in every workshop has the opportunity to send in advance a piece of writing (maximum 1,000 words) from a work-in-progress and receive critique and personal feedback in writing.

All workshops will be delivered via Zoom. Only a limited number of 10 participants will be accepted for each weekend.

Further essential information can be found on the Ireland Writing Retreat website.