Litro is a well-established publication with an international reputation that has published authors such as Naomi Alderman, Nikesh Shukla, Irvine Welsh, Sarah Maitland, Benjamin Zephaniah and many others.

Their podcast section, Litro Lab, is looking for new submissions for its 2021 episodes. These are their suggested themes:

A letter to someone you miss: Social distancing and restrictions on travelling mean that many of us haven’t seen our loved ones for more than a year now. We may have also lost people we cared about without having the chance to be there to see them one last time. Litro Lab are looking for stories that address people you miss and wish you could see now. Why are they important to you? What do they bring to your life? How do you connect with them?

On resilience: Since 2020 the world has changed. Things that we took for granted (like getting a hug from a friend, going to a café to read…) may no longer be available to us. We may fear for our jobs or we may have lost them. We may have been confined to our houses, our towns, our cities and our countries for months now. We may have not seen our families. They are looking for stories that explore resilience in any form. How are you coping with lockdown? What are the things you go to when you can’t get the human contact you need or even see your family?

Travelling: This past year distances have grown larger since many of us haven’t been able to travel as we used to. But if you could go wherever you wanted – what place would you choose? What area of the world is calling you? They’re looking for pieces that engage with a place that is important to you and that can bring our listeners along on the trip.

To submit, please send Litro Lab a recording of your short story, non fiction or personal essay; it must be your story, but someone else may read it if you’d prefer (please credit them with a link). Please also submit a written version of your piece. Contact with questions.