The Outsiders Project gives voice to the unheard and marginalised through working with outsider artists and supporting their creativity. They work with members of the community of Boscombe, and the work is shown locally then shared with a wider world. The work is designed to develop authentic voices and is of exceptional quality.

Their vision is to show that people sidelined from society can write, perform and create work at the highest level. They support the outsider community to push boundaries to prove they can create work of outstanding quality and worth.

​The Outsider Writer project  have built their own theatre in a disused shop as part of BEAF, Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe. They were about to make two shows for the festival in May 2020, Tattoo and Slap, and they will make them again.

But until they can meet again and get back to their normal, they will be gathering stories and finding new outsider artists. They offer mentoring support and will be developing projects to fill the silence.

The Outsider Writers project wants you to share your stories. The brief is this:

  • Share one photo of a tattoo
  • Share the story that accompanies it

You can write the story yourself and send it to or you can asked to be interviewed and your story will be transcribed for you.

If you want to share your story or work with groups of people who you think would be interested, get in touch with The Outsider writer team on