The Green Stories project in partnership with BAFTA have launched a new competition to create a short video (up to 5 minutes) that raises awareness of the role of fictional role models in promoting sustainable lifestyles, and call out those writers, producers and characters that implicitly promote excessive consumption as an aspiration.

Entry Fee: Free

Length: We ask for a short video of between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in MP4 format (aim for file size >1GB). We encourage you to stay below 5 minutes, but will allow you to go up 6 minutes if you really need to.

Eligibility: Open to all adults (18+) of any nationality, as long as it is in English.

Copyright: You own the copyright of your video but by entering it into the competition you are giving permission for it to be shared widely by anyone. We also need to know that you are not breaking copyright within the video so check that the images, music and text you have used are not subject to copyright.

Further essential information, including full video brief and submission link is available on the Green Stories website. 

Deadline 31st May 2022.