Unreal Estates is a project that commissions new work about domestic interiors and ideas of home. They are looking for writers and artists (mainly working in 2D) interested in collaboratively producing new work that responds to these themes.

They will pair up artists and writers to work in pairs to produce a series of images and text/s responding to homes in their local area. Eventually they would like to tour the whole of the UK; for now, they are focussing on these 4 areas:


Participants should have a strong connection with one of these places, ideally living or working there.

Each contemporary artist works in collaboration with a writer. Responding to a property advertised for sale in the local area, the artist/writer pair works together to create an interpretation, story or narrative about these listed properties, expressed through a series of paintings and a short text.

Further essential details, including full application details, can be found here.

Closing date: 20 December 2020.