High Street Tales Rebecca Tantony featured

We are pleased to announce that we have commissioned Bristol-based writer Rebecca Tantony to explore the story of Weston-super-Mare’s high street as part of High Street Tales.

High Street Tales is part of Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zones project, which has appointed the seven English regional literature development agencies each to lead on exploring one high street in their region. In the South West, Literature Works selected Weston-super-Mare. The project aims to capture the everyday magic that plays out on high streets across the country and to consider what the future of our high streets might be.

During December and January, Rebecca will be collecting stories, memories and anecdotes from people in the town about the role of the high street in their lives. Rebecca will research online and in person, celebrating the high street in town life, present and future.

Rebecca will run two free online creative writing workshops for people living in Weston-super-Mare on 8th and 16th December from 7-8pm. These workshops will explore themes of ‘Belonging’ and writers will explore their individual stories and the meaning of place that story.

Rebecca will create her own short story from her research, which will join those of the six other writers in the English regions in a range of digital forms, including an eBook, audiobook and podcast series.

Speaking about the commission, Rebecca Tantony said:
”From donkey rides as a child, The Tropicana as a teenager, to teaching there as an adult, Weston-super-Mare will always be an important place for me- full of memories and full of future. I’m so excited to explore this ongoing relationship further.”

Helen Chaloner, Chief Executive of Literature Works, said:
“We’re delighted to be working in Weston-super-Mare and are looking forward to seeing the High Street Tale that Rebecca will write. The project is an inspired way of giving voice to local people’s experience of their town, showcased in words by a writer who has spent time connecting with them.”

Image credit: Ash Holdsworth