One Giant Read was an out of this world virtual shared reading experience which ran between 2015 and 2017.

One Giant Read began life as a project to celebrate Tim Peake and the Principia Mission, brought to you by Literature Works in partnership with The UK Space Agency, Royal National Institute of Blind People and supported by Gollancz, The Poetry Archive and Plymouth University.

Launching its journey alongside Tim Peake’s Principia Mission to the International Space Station, One Giant Read offered those who remained on Earth a themed reading and writing challenge designed to bring space science to diverse audiences in ways which engage and expand our audience’s science interests and knowledge.

For every month Tim was away, the One Giant Read website showcased the very best science fiction writers and poets through audio clips, poetry recordings and interviews, with video messages from Scientists about the impact and influences science fiction writing has had on science fact as well as on their passion for science.

Presenting a collision of science fact and science fiction, One Giant Read made a range of reading materials, exclusive interviews and recordings accessible to people living with sight loss.

With Tim back down to earth, our mission came to an end in June 2017. If you’re a science-fiction aficionado, or are entirely new to the genre, get inspired by watching some of the exclusively commissioned short films we shot, here …

Philip Haines - Science Fiction and its Influence on Science Fact
One Giant Read interviews Philip Haines Head of Telecom Business Development at the European Space Agency and finds out how he thinks science fiction has influenced science fact!
Alan Brunstrom on the impact of Science Fiction on Science Fact
One Giant Read interviews Alan Brunstrom, Liaison Officer at the European Space Agency about the impact of science fiction on science fact.
Libby Jackson, Astronaut Flight Education Manager at the UK Space Agency
One Giant Read talks to Libby Jackson, Astronaut Flight Education Manager at the UK Space Agency about the science that inspired her to get into science.
One Giant Read Talks to Professor Ian Stewart
Professor Ian Stewart talks to One Giant Read about how the novels of Willard Price inspired him to become an explorer and adventurer. He discusses his job as a geologist and the existence of new, undiscovered worlds.
Captain Bob Hone: STEM Inspirations
Captain Bob Hone, a lecturer in navigation at Plymouth University, tells us how he got into maritime science and explores the similarities between maritime navigation and space navigation.
Susan Buckle: STEM Inspirations
One Giant Read talked to Susan Buckle, Astronaut Education Programme Support Manager at the UK Space Agency about her career in science.
Jeremy Curtis: STEM Inspirations
One Giant Read talks to Jermey Curtis, Head of Education and Skills at the UK Space Agency about the science fiction that inspired him to get into science.
Professor Tony Balpaeme: STEM Inspirations
Professor Tony Belpaeme, who specialises in robotics tells One Giant Read about what he does and how he got into science.
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Dr Mike McCulloch: STEM Inspirations
Lecturer in geomatics at Plymouth University, Dr Mike McCulloch tells One Giant Read why he became a scientist.
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Natasha Stephen on HG Wells
Scientific officer at Plymouth University Natasha Stephen talks about HG Wells & The First Men in the Moon.
Tim Peake's Spacewalk
The were some incredible moments during Principia. Tim's spacewalk was simply out of this world unforgettable ...

Literature Works would like to thank everyone who was involved in this project and give special thanks to:

  • The UK Space Agency
  • European Space Agency
  • Libby Jackson
  • Susan Buckle
  • Jeremy Curtis
  • Major Tim Peake -for providing us with inspiration and a reason to keep looking skyward. Go Tim Go!
  • Gollancz
  • Lydia Gittins
  • Philippa Ward
  • RNIB
  • Pulse Studios
  • Matrix, especially Mike and Tom
  • All the writers, publishers, scientists and space industry professionals who made One Giant Read possible
  • Our fabulous #GiantReaders

Thank you all – it was out of this world!