Poetry Cares Square

Celebrating the power of poetry and the positive impact of creative engagement with those affected by memory loss

Engaging with poetry helps alleviate confusion and speech difficulties, enriching the lives of those living with memory loss, together with their families and carers.

Since 2017 the project has trained 56 practising poets and has reached 926 people living with memory loss across 52 different workshops. We are continuing to expand and enrich the project as we plan for 2021.

About 'Poetry Cares'

Memory loss is often the first and most distressing part of dementia, a condition with currently affects 850,000 people living in the UK.

By 2025 this number is expected to exceed 1 million.

Sharing and creating poetry can help to unlock memories and spark connections for people living with memory loss, their friends and their families.

Literature Works’ Poetry Cares project trains practising local poets to deliver special poetry and reminiscence sessions across South West England. These upbeat, interactive workshops help stimulate memory and the recall of lost language. The poets work with groups of people living with memory loss and their carers in safe and supportive environments such as Memory Cafes, or in residential care homes. The sessions often culminate in the group creating a collective poem of their own. This paid opportunity for poets also contributes to the enrichment of their own creative practise.

We partner with the Alzheimer’s Society and their network of Dementia Friends to deliver the poet training sessions and have been running the project across South West England since 2017. It was formerly known as the National Memory Day project.

We should like to thank the following organisations for their financial support: The Rayne Foundation, The Kirby Laing Trust, The Elmgrant Trust, The Summerfield Trust, The Walter Guinness Foundation.

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