Here at Literature Works we love libraries and so, when we came across Arts Council England's podcast series exploring the role of libraries in our modern lives, we just knew we had to let you know about them!

Tempting though it may be to see libraries as ‘houses for books’ – which indeed they are – this series of three podcasts explores the diversity of our favourite bookish venues to become important community hubs for all kinds of activities.

With projects like Reading Passport and the upcoming Region of Readers, we’re already firm believers that your library card can provide the key to take you on countless reading adventures, but why not follow the link below and listen to the other ways the library can play a role in your life and how by joining, you could become part of your community in new ways. Headphones at the ready let’s go on a library adventure!

The series cover three themes:
Libraries for young people – looking at the impact libraries have on the early years
Libraries as a social enabler – exploring how facilities enhance lives
Digital transformation in libraries – examining how technology is benefitting libraries and communities
You can listen to the episodes 1 and 2 now. Episode 3 will be released next week.

Listen here: