At our How to Get Published event with Writers & Artists on Saturday, one of the big topics for discussion was 'how do you go about finishing your novel or writing project?'. One of the key pieces of advice from Man Booker Prize longlistee Wyl Menmuir was that you should set yourself realistic writing targets.

One of the strategies Wyl credited as having been influential in the completion of his novel, The Many is the writing app Write Track. This app has since undergone a re-brand and is now called Prolifiko.

Since we’re always on the look out for great resources for writers, we took Wyl’s advice and headed to the website to find out more about Prolifiko and the ways it can help with the writing process. Here’s what we found:

Prolifiko helps you to put your writing first and

Find a writing routine that suits you and your life

Overcome personal writing barriers and blocks

Feel motivated and regain your writing confidence

Stop quitting and start finishing

Kill your procrastination – this time for good!

Currently under development as an app, you can sign up to experience an online version of Prolifiko here or enter your details to be added to the waiting list.

Watch this short video from Prolifiko creators Chris and Bec and discover how the app could benefit your writing