We told you back in March that we're working with Bournemouth Library Services, The Reader and six library authorities on a brand new digital app all designed to promote shared reading and now, we're delighted to announce that The South West Region of Readers project is taking shape.

This year, our annual Reading Passport project is teaming up with South West Region of Readers to bring you exciting new content in digital format and through the libraries’ Shared Reading Groups. Our brand new website has now gone live, click on the button below to see it.

Find out which library authorities we’ll be working with and click on their names to find out more about shared reading services and opportunities at a library in that authority:

About The Reader

“You need it, you just don’t know you need it”
Shared Reading group member

Since 2008, The Reader has pioneered the use of Shared Reading to improve well-being, reduce social isolation and build resilience in diverse communities across the UK and beyond.
They inspire and support people to read great literature aloud together. This simple idea changes lives and builds communities.

The Reader have provided all the information you’ll need about Shared Reading, reading for pleasure and how to become a Shared Reading volunteer and Reader Leader:

The Reader’s Shared Reading

Reading for Pleasure

Shared Reading Advocate Description

Shared Reading Organiser Description

Volunteer Application Form

Check out these useful links for more information:

South West Region of Readers

The Reader – Who They Work With

Visit the Facebook page and Twitter feed for the latest information.