The purpose of the project is to publish two novellas each year by new authors from minority and working-class backgrounds; the project is to be run by interns from similar backgrounds, with training and education given throughout.

We are looking initially for two novellas, 20-50,000 words, by writers have not had a full length work published – stories and poems in magazines or journals are fine. We are looking for writers from underrepresented backgrounds: ethnic minorities, working class, and so on. They will be offered standard contracts in line with those offered to all our authors.

The interns typically will be young people from under-represented backgrounds; it is likely that they will be still in education, or in jobs outside of publishing. Because the work is part time they will be able to pursue studies or earn a living wage while running the project. They will be trained, supervised, mentored and supported throughout the life of the project, which will be about a year. At the end of the project each intern will be paid £500. This is a minimum payment and extra sums could be available depending on the success of the books. All necessary expenses will be paid.

Currently it is expected that there will be two teams (it is NOT a competition!) of three interns, each responsible primarily for one book. This will involve calling for and reading submissions, selection, working with the author, editing, cover design, marketing, etc. With marketing and publicising it is expected that the two teams will collaborate. Authors will be involved throughout, so that they too learn about publishing.

Holland House will set up Creative Writing Workshops with the interns and authors, and offer
publishing Professional Masterclasses. The interns will also work with Cat Hall on our Open Page
journal. They may also have some involvement with other projects.

To find out more, please contact Robert Peett on