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Brenda Read-Brown

Brenda Read-Brown

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About the Author

Brenda Read-Brown worked for many years as an IT project manager. She gave this up in 2001 to work as a full-time freelance writer. Brenda has won many poetry slams, and has performed in venues all over the United Kingdom, in Copenhagen and Texas.

She works in schools, and with older people; with libraries and in hospitals and GP surgeries; with adult literacy students and festivals and in prisons. She has won awards for several plays and two have been published, but helping other people find their words is what makes her writing life a continuing joy.


Recent Publications

Arbitrary Edges , Self-published , 2013
Cuffed, one-act play
Once this was a poet, one-act play

Awards and Residencies

Gloucestershire Poet Laureate , 2012-2014

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