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I was born in the 70s, which is too long ago for my liking.
I grew until I was old enough to attend school. I generally disliked learning. Somehow I passed a few exams.
I played drums in a rock band for 15 years and was fortunate enough to tour all over the world. I’m sure this was more educational than university or a ‘proper job’ could have been.
After the band stopped being a profession and became a hobby, I started writing fiction. I self-published my first book, Wicked Game, in 2010. To avoid a mental breakdown, I then started writing short stories as they’re a lot easier to finish.
InkTears will be publishing five of my short stories in their Showcase collection alongside some other wonderful authors in the near future, which makes me very happy.
Due to my success with short story writing, I recently wrote and released a book called How To Write A Short Story, Get Published & Make Money. It uses my published stories as case studies, so writers can see how all the different tips and advice in the book were used in practice to achieve publishing success. You can learn more about the book on my website.
By day my job is in digital marketing, where I spend most of my time trying to avoid wearing a suit. By night I play drums in a multitude of rock bands. In between, I ride motorcycles, write and run my website.


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