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Dan Metcalf

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Dan Metcalf is a writer and author of children’s books such as The Lottie Lipton Adventures and Codebusters.  He works a great deal with schools, libraries and festivals to promote reading and creative writing. He lives in Mid Devon with his wife and two sons and describes himself as a ‘Professional Daydreamer’. He enjoys books, films, comics and making up stories. He has so far absolutely refused to grow up.


Recent Publications

Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors - First in a four-part series. , Maverick Arts Publishing , 2018 (forthcoming)
Codebusters , Bloomsbury , 2017
Jamie Jones, Galaxy Defender (Aged 8½) , Oxford University Press , 2017
The Lottie Lipton Adventures: The Catacombs of Chaos , Bloomsbury , 2016
The Lottie Lipton Adventures: The Eagle of Rome , Bloomsbury , 2016

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