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Ian Parson’s first full length professional novel A Secret Step (Copperjob) was published in 2013. In 2014 he provided the opening chapter for the Little Book of Jack the Ripper (Historypress), as well as having numerous articles published on various aspects of the subject of London. Ian is an active member of the Whitechapel Society, London. Ian’s style of using the old to make sense of the new, being praised by acclaimed authors Martin Fido and Bill Beadle, amongst others. Ian’s latest novel The East End Beckons (Linkville) starts in the era of Cornish smugglers before moving to London. He divides his time between London Town and the South West of England. Ian Parson has been a writer for many years winning competitions and working for magazines and newspapers in England and Spain before finally arriving at the Linkville Publishing Stable.

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The East End Beckons , Linkville

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