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Marguerite Valentine

Marguerite Valentine

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About the Author

I am interested in writing about women’s lives and the issues they may have to confront. As a member of a women’s group which established one of the first Women’s Refuges in the U.K, I went on to research for a PhD at  the University of Warwick, subsequently moving into Child Care  with a special interest in Child Protection. I then trained as a psychotherapist. Often moved by what I heard,  it is their experiences which drive my writing. The characters I write of, though imagined, share the struggle to survive and overcome what life throws at them.


Recent Publications

‘Time, Space and Memory in ‘Last Year in Marienbad’ International Journal of Psychoanalysis. , International Journal of Psychoanalysis. , 2012
‘Death’s Dream Kingdom’ the representation of the Unconscious in the film ‘Apocalypse Now’. , 2010
‘Editorial Introduction to Papers on Matte Blanco’ , Aug.BJP. , 2010
‘Psychiatry and the Cinema’ A Review , BJP Vol.24. , 2008
‘Those that the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad : an analytic discussion of the depiction of sado-masochism in the film ‘The Night Porter.’ , BJP.Vol.23. , 2007

Awards and Residencies

British Journal of Psychotherapy prize for best Student Essay
National award for best Arts and Psychoanalysis Paper. 2007

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