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Ralph Hoyte is a Bristol-based poet, writer and artist whose practice covers three areas: poetry as a live-art, spatial poetry, and GPS poetry-scripts for mobile media. Hoyte considers ‘poetry’ to reside primarily in the voice, or in works composed for multiple voices. His works are thus always declaimed live or in audio form, tho’ they may have a paper iteration. As a spatial poet, Hoyte typically works in collaboration with sculptors, visual artists and screen-based artists to realize 3D sculptures or 2D graphic works which include words, or which are made of words. Hoyte idea-initiated and then co-created the world’s first audio-play for located media in an intelligent environment, 1831 RIOT! (with Mobile Bristol and Hewlett-Packard Labs). In this highly technical area Hoyte creates and writes poem- and wordscripts which are then uploaded to virtual GPS-located soundpools overlaid over a real land-/cityscape. When downloaded as an app, these ‘poem-‘ or ‘cultural-historical-‘ or ‘artistic-scenarios’ trigger on a smartphone only in the designated geo-location. They are ‘a portal into an alternative universe’ or ‘a virtual auditorium’, or ‘the landscape sings to you’.


Spatial Poetry: TEXT-BASED ART IN THE PUBLIC REALM (2D) Image taken from

Recent Publications

Romancing the Gibbet: Public Punishment and Local Memory in the Georgian West Country: execution site poetry/text/music tapestry
’Being Human Festival’ (University of London; Arts and Humanities Research Council; British Academy)
HANA-NO-KAGE (Shadow of a Flower): book & performance (with film) of my zen-poetic travelogue from travels in Japan in 2005 in the footsteps of 17thc Haiku Master, Matsuo Basho (Tate Modern/Necessary Journeys/Arts Council England)
ISAMBARD! The Epic: Brunel 200 to celebrate the bicentenary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s death ‘Bridge 151’: haptic audio-sculpture for the Canals and Rivers Trust, Gloucester (with artNucleus)
‘Bridge 151’: haptic audio-sculpture for the Canals and Rivers Trust, Gloucester (with artNucleus)

Current Events/Projects

Step-in-Stone – creating audio-artscape in three East Mendip quarries with 13 other artists

Awards and Residencies

Mendips AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty): From-Winscombe-to-Priddy-Nine-Barrows: a Mendip-Journey: epic walk-poem in residency
Bristol Capitol of Culture poet-in residence
Reveal The Museum – working with Somerset Heritage Centre to bring ‘forgotten’ archives into the light for exhibition in 2016
SATSYMPH - creating cultural-historical-poetic smartphone apps along the South Dorset Ridgeway over a 4 year period (with South Dorset AONB)

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