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Sally Crabtree is an international performance artist and songwriting poet who also writes and designs children’s books. She has been described as “One of Britain’s richest inventions” (Lars Gustafsson – nominated for the Nobel Prize) and “Exhilarating!” (BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour) due to her innovative work. Once a world class gymnast, she has been turning the arts world upside down with her cartwheeling poems, colourful performances, and interactive installations which  include Poetry bingo, Poetree, edible words, phone a poem, the poetry postie and poems in a tin.

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Recent Publications

The Magic Train Ride , Barefoot Books
Higgeldy Piggeldy Pigs , Macmillan
My Sister’s Hair (Random House US)

Awards and Residencies

Poetry Postie - Residency at Art Connexion, Lille , 2014
Literature Works Read/Write SW poet , 2014
Poet on the Platform for First Great Western Trains
Hall for Cornwall’s first ever poet in residence

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