Ever wondered what it’s like to work on The Archers? Well, festival-goers in Penzance are in for a treat at this year’s Penzance Literary Festival. Script-writer Keri Davies and two of The Archers’ cast will share unmissable insights when they take part in a panel discussion, at the Acorn Theatre on Thursday 5th July.

There will be the opportunity to hear all about the script-writing process, tricks of the trade, and the experience of being a long-running character, as well as other fascinating secrets (like how the production team create those smoochy kisses).

Penzance Literary Festival spokeswoman Linda Camidge said: ‘You’ll be able to see whether Matt Crawford (Kim Durham) and Ruth Archer (Felicity Finch) are as you have always imagined them. We are also excited to hear from script-writer Keri Davies, who penned Kirsty’s 2017 meltdown, the armed raid on the village shop and over 700 other episodes’.

For fans of The Archers, this is an absolutely must-see event, so be ready when tickets go on sale in a few weeks’ time!

There are heaps of other treasures at this year’s four-day festival, which begins on Wednesday July 4 and runs to Saturday July 7, with appearances by top speakers Michael Pennington, Adam Hart-Davis, Rachel Joyce and musical treats from Tim Dean. For more information see the website