This year, the arts and cultural sector has felt the full weight of the global Coronavirus pandemic,with festivals and community events being cancelled up and down the country.

As we start to slowly find our way back into a ‘new normal’, Causley Festival of Arts and Literature has taken on a huge and excitng challenge. You won’t need to cross out yet another future event from your calendar: They’re going digital! The Festival will run from 24th – 26th July  2020.

The Festival committee is stepping up to the task. Although this is a challenge and a learning process for everyone, their mindset was: “If it’s possible, we should make it happen!”

Taking the Festival online means they’re able to open up the workshops, talks and readings to  a wider audience. Keeping Charles Causley’s name alive and ‘out there’ is at the heart of the Fesival. So, it’s great that they’ll have the chance to spread the word even further and can take this event beyond Causley’s birth place of Launceston.

We all know that Charles Causley is a poet of place, with Launceston at the heart of his life and work. This year, though, the digital Causley Festival of Arts and Literature can reinforce one of the Trust’s key objectives – to keep his legacy alive by spreading the word about him and his writing even more widely than ever before. We may all know how accessible Charles’ poetry is; but much of the world still doesn’t. Now’s the time to take fresh new steps towards
changing that, by taking greater advantage of the modern, digital world.

So, how will it work?

The 2020 Causley Festival of Arts and Literature will be delivered through an online, digital ‘flip-book’ brochure. From that, you’ll be able to view, select, and book tickets for the events you want to be involved in. Some will be payable, with a restricted number, but many will be free (but s;ll need booking). You’ll also be able to return to your events afterwards – to watch them again and again, if you like.

All you need to do is either to sign up to the brand new e-mail newsletter and be amongst the first to receive the programme of events and get opportunities to book, or to follow them on the Trust’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), to see when the link for each event will go live, at the end of June.

Signing up to our newsletter also means that you can read regular news updates about the Trust and Festival, and get a one-off 5% discount on Trust merchandise. You’ll also be among the first to know when our annual poetry competitions are launched, and who ultimately wins the prizes. So, signing up for their new newsletter is a great chance to get ahead on all things Causley, and opens up the chance for you to be prioritised for any of the Festival’s live workshops.

To sign up to the newsletter, simply visit the website and scroll down to the bottom. Pop in your e-mail address: it’s that simple!

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