International Day of Happiness on March 20th 2017 will see the launch of the World’s first Postal Service of Happiness and its Postmistress General is Sally Crabtree who is becoming well known as The Poetry Postie – delivering poetic inspiration to the Nation!

For the project, the Poetry Postie will work with diverse groups in the Cornish community as well as a rural school in Cornwall (St Levan) and an urban school in Plymouth (College Road) to offer an innovative series of creative literacy workshops.

Those taking part will be able to create poetry postcards, lyrical letters, Sing o Grams and parcels of Happiness which will then became part of the Poetry Postie’s own post bag of poems and be delivered  ‘ On the Rounds ‘ to older, isolated members of the community.

The project aims to make happier communities and it explores the notion of communication – communicating with oneself (something poetry helps one to do,) with those close to you and those further away. It aims to get communities communicating and allows them to discover the poetic heart of themselves; to raise aspirations and show everyone that there is a big world out there – one that they could forge a link with. To remind us, through poetry, that underneath it all we are all part of one community – the world.

The Poetry Postie was recently invited by the Universal Postal Union, to deliver  poetic inspiration to the UN for their 70th year celebrations at the Palais des Nations in Geneva . She was also on the international jury for their worldwide letter writing competition. She has recently returned from Japan where she was On the Rounds as the Poetry Postie and where she also set up an international poetry pen pal scheme with UNESCO prize winning poet Hiroshi Taniuchi. The Postal Service of Happiness project will allow those taking part to become part of this scheme and there will also be a poetry post box for members of the community to post their own poems into . With ideas from older residents, a Happiness Sing o Gram will be written and showcased on local radio. The seed of the idea for a Postal Service of Happiness was sown when Sally won Butlin’s Happy Smile competition at the age of 10!