I finished my BA Hons in English and Creative Writing in May, and having reflected on my time as a student, I have come to know, more than I have known of my voice in written form. I developed a love for the short story in the first year of my studies, and gradually came to understand the powerful moral messages spread throughout society/the world, in snap shots, epiphanies, and, from writers searching for their own truths. I also have a passion to keep tradition alive, and aspire to build hope within our ever-expanding, fragmenting, and sometimes dehumanising communities. After all, stories bring us together, and they create meaning where there is none.

I have a love for language and take great pleasure in reading writers such as: Chaucer, Carter, Levy, Welsh, Agbabi, (the list is endless… ), who are not afraid to deviate from, bend, or expand the rules, when it comes to the exciting twists that their stories and plots are developed with. The freedom and foundations of, sound, character, and voice, in, The Canterbury Tales allows us to immerse ourselves in magical worlds, whilst pushing the boundaries of gender, class, power, and society.