Born in Sri Lanka, Tania came to London in 1963. She’s been a journalist, travel writer, taught singing in the community and the workplace, ran a hotel in the midst of Sri Lanka’s 30-year war. Then returned to UK be put to use as Gran – fetched up in an Alms house by river Frome.

A post-colonial novel about a homeless mother & young daughter (65,000 words) is ready to find representation.

Delighted to be chosen for TLC Free Reads this year!

A mini-book of Short Stories TOTALLY PUKKA was published 2018 to sponsor a local charity educating children in Africa; she is adapting these for Radio. Tania’s most rewarding commission was from 4-year-old granddaughter who ‘ordered’ a story each birthday which has organically grown to a series of ANELLI GETS AN ELLE.