My background is science and engineering,, but a few years ago I discovered a love for writing, after attending a Fairy Tale weekend. From the moment I put pen to paper, the stories have exploded out of me and I haven’t stop writing since. I now have six novelettes and three novel-length stories I’m working on, with many more ideas in the pipeline. I also write short stories and flash fiction, and am branching out to enter competitions.
I enjoy experimenting with different forms of writing, both YA and Adult fiction, but I have a natural affiliation towards romantic fiction.
I have just finished an evening class at Exeter College in Creative Writing and am now researching courses to further my writing skills, and to help me grow and become the writer I aspire to be.

Writing has opened my mind to the natural world, to deep emotions and the endless possibilities of story-lines. I love books which I can escape into, that take me on a journey; so to be able to write that journey, to forge a story with a beginning, its twists and turns through moments of happiness and heartbreak to a finale, is beyond magical.