Myriam San Marco is a poet, promoter and creative writing facilitator. As the Bournemouth Poet Laureate, Myriam San Marco has been leading a creative writing and development program for local writers with the support of Bournemouth Libraries. She founded Word Makers and Silence Breakers in 2016: a collection of wandering wordsmiths, vagabond verbalisers and rhyming rebels working as workshop facilitators, bards, fools and muses at local festivals and one-off events.
Abe Gibson described her performance as “cutting to draw blood”.
Her debut collection Sakura is out on Burning Eye:…/sakura-by-myriam-san-mar…
Johnny Fluffypunk gave this testimonial about her debut collection:
“Myriam sometimes calls herself Word Maker, but it is her word-choosing that impresses me most. In Sakura, Myriam’s word-choices, sharply-focused as laser-pointers, are shone straight into the eyes of the dark beasts that gnaw away at the foundations of us and our relationships, threatening to turn the world wobbly. Her word-choices make reading this poetry an uncomfortable experience at times; an exhilarating and beautiful and sexy one at others. But always rewarding. This little book is the result of meeting the world head on in all its ugly glory and finding a way to distill that experience; to turn it into potent shots that both burn and warm the heart in equal measure. It is a little book, yes, but it is also a great victory. Myriam has lived and loved and somehow survived and look! Here she is, stronger than ever and mouth blazing, holding Sakura aloft like a hard-won scalp.”