Whilst employed I wrote professional articles. Then I retired and started on fiction, which is a delight, because you can make it up.
I did an MA under Fay Weldon. They said, ‘Write about what you know,’ so I wrote my own Fanny Hill/50 shades.
I moved on and wrote a detective story about my experiences in Africa.
I now write about animals. No one seems able to define the genre for ‘Wind in the Willows,’ or ‘Watershipdown’ but that is where my Fox Tales belong.
All these are self published and found on Amazon, but I recently inherited, transcribed and edited my Great-Aunt’s World War One diaries, “Menus, Munitions and Keeping the Peace.” They were traditionally published by Pen and Sword. Participating in that process made me realize that what I now need and am seeking is a traditional publisher for all my work