Is there anything better than reading a good book? Actually, yes, writing one, having it published and then winning a respected prize for it.

In a literary sense Cornwall is rich in writers past and present including Daphne Du Maurier, Rosamunde Pilcher and of course Poldark author, Winston Graham.  In fact many of the locations mentioned in these authors’ books remain sites of pilgrimage for the many fans that arrive in Cornwall from around the world looking for traces of these writers to this very day.

So with this rich heritage it’s only fitting that the Royal Cornwall Museum, which holds many of Winston Graham’s original notebooks, showing his novels written in long hand, should also run the Winston Graham Historical Fiction Competition. The mission of this literary competition is to encourage new writers and to promote literary excellence.

Mention the Winston Graham Historical Prize and the eyes of writers everywhere light up. It’s not just the £3,000 prize fund, it’s the respect of your peers and the genuine literary accomplishment that this prize denotes.

The competition honours some of the best historical fiction based in the South West of England, and can be written by authors of any nationality.

Since its launch the literary competition has rewarded a wide range of excellent books and authors across the historical fiction genre. Books are entered by publishers or can be entered by the author, and entry for this competition closes on 1st June 2017. Full details on competition rules are available on the museum website

All you have to do is submit five copies of your published work by 1st June 2017 to become part of the search for the new ‘Winston Graham.’

Full entry details