Our Aim

Our aim is to open up the flexible literature artform of poetry and story, creative writing and reading as widely as we can to the benefit of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate high quality literary talent in the South West, developing the region as a culturally rich landscape, where barriers are removed, diversity is celebrated and opportunities are abundant; where the power of literature is applied to enrich lives, strengthen communities and enhance wellbeing.

Our Values

These are embedded in everything we do:

  • Leadership – championing our region and artform with passion, ambition and expert knowledge
  • Learning – continuously exploring and improving: looking at new ways of delivering, asking questions and evaluating impact as we go
  • Inclusivity – embracing all comers and championing literature as a flexible and democratic artform
  • Collaboration – with a wide range of partners and practitioners, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Openness – to wide-ranging influences, ideas and innovation
  • Integrity – always operating in a fair, transparent and honest manner