Swindon Festival of Literature returns for its 24th year from 1st-13th May 2017.

This year they have launched a brand new website to kick of the festival in style. Here’s how the team at Swindon Festival of Literature describe the fortnight of literary events:

“Our Festival’s founding spirit is rooted in love of the word, good reading, exploratory talk, finding out about things, making connections, and the notion that life is for learning, and pleasure too.

To this end, for two weeks in Swindon, we have brought together novelists, poets, scientists, philosophers, politicians, historians, artists, storytellers, singers, adventurers, good writers, and plain speakers.

We like to share new ideas, hear old stories, listen to good readings, have dangerous discussions, discover new writing, flutter certain dovecotes, pursue a little pleasure, meet new faces, and see familiar ones too.

This is a festival that brings people together, in Swindon, to enjoy things well-thought, well-written, and well-said. Writers meet readers and readers meet writers. We talk, we listen, we think, we drink, and also like to laugh. As a result, enjoyable, interesting, challenging, unpredictable, funny, and even memorable things happen.”