Now in its 10th year, the Grazia and Women’s Prize for Fiction First Chapter competition could be the the beginning of your literary career.

Diana Evans, the award-winning author of Ordinary People, has written the opening paragraph of a story – and we’re challenging you to finish the chapter. The story can go in any direction you want – just keep to 800-1000 words, and send it to them  by 13 March.

Diana Evans has started the story – now it’s up to you to finish the opening chapter.


If you steal something from another time, they will never find you. That’s what he’d promised. You disappear. You never were or are not yet. You’re transient, like speed, or like the wind. So easily she had stepped into those magical machines with their white coils and sharp rims, believing in the next world, the next moon and the next theft. But one day she was caught, and everything she discovered thereafter destroyed everything she knew about time. It does not move or tick. It is one place, one moment. It is us who are moving. None of this is real.


*Please note, this competition is for female writers (including those whose gender identity is female) only.

Get writing!

Deadline 13th March 2020

Further essential information, including full submission guidelines is available on the Grazia website.