Ash to Ashes: Listen to the Wisdom Trees

  • Dartington Trust
  • October 3 - 7
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Explore life, death, and writing with these exciting tutors and thinkers on this forest-centred creative course.

This five-day residential course is suitable for both new and experienced writers, and aims to help you find techniques to thoroughly immerse yourself in your subject, and create authentic and personal writing.

We will spend half of the week in the forest and the other half writing and learning in medieval rooms at Dartington Trust. You will be introduced to international writers – from ancient Irish and wilderness poets, to contemporary nature and environmental writers. You will learn techniques for writing as well as practical guidance on tuning in and quietening the mind when sitting in the forest.

Dusk and dawn have always been magical times of day and night when the usual reliability of our daytime vision is brought into question. The forest is the most ancient of places, within which our evolution as a species is entirely entangled.

We will be sharing our written work as a wider attempt at learning through empathy: how the door of grief can be a bridge between humans and the wider world.

Residential: £795.00* | Non Residential: £595 | Deposit: £150**

For more information, please us the booking link within this event.