Dialect Writing Craft Series: Poetic Form I

  • The Sub Rooms Stroud
  • September 13
  • 19:00 - 21:00
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Join much-loved local poet and publisher Philip Rush on this six-part Dialect course and use the principle of shuhari to learn the art of poetic form.
Shu is learn the rules; ha is break the rules; ri is transcend the rules.
Participants will learn how to write a sonnet as a foundational form, moving on to blank verse, the stanza, terza rima, troubadour forms and short poems. Participants will create new work and engage critically and constructively with others.
A great opportunity to learn from a true master.

Held at The Sub Rooms in Stroud on Monday evenings throughout the Autumn term.

September 13th 7-9pm
September 27th 7-9pm
October 11th 7-9pm
November 8th 7-9pm
November 22nd 7-9pm
December 6th 7-9pm

Please note that this course is payable in instalments.
Full and partial bursaries are available for this course.