Encounters With Kin: the new nature-memoir

  • Online
  • January 9 - February 10
  • 00:00 - 00:00
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This new online course, Part 11, the prose version, of the popular WRITING THE BRIGHT MOMENT programme, concentrates on our relationship as kith and kin with land, place, and the flora and fauna who share this with us, and how we might record this in our prose. How can we lift ‘nature memoir’ out of the earlier tradition of ‘writing about nature’ into ‘writing from within nature’? How might we speak for other life-forms? How can we find and deepen our experience of the wild, and original ways of writing about it? We’ll be exploring short journal entries; prose poetry; self-contained excerpts of personal story and the essay form. This takes place over 5 weeks. You will need to spend time outdoors with the other-than-human on a regular basis. (Excellent feedback on first one.)