Falmouth Poetry Group’s 50th Birthday Party Free Festival Day of readings and reminiscence

  • The Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
  • September 17
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Major literary event at The Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, Saturday 17 September 2022
Half a century and more than half a lifetime ago, Peter Redgrove and Penelope Shuttle founded Falmouth Poetry Group.
Probably the longest-running in the UK, it has become a major and exciting body of writers, with an always-open door for newcomers. It’s celebrating its big anniversary with a one-day birthday party at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth on 17 September.
Among eminent poets coming to the event are Pascal Petit, John Greening and of course Penelope Shuttle. Over 26 other poets will be reading.
There will be workshops from poets Alyson Hallett and Helen Ivory and Martin Figura and a music and poetry performance by Victoria Field and Eduard Heyning.
As well as readings, there is an open mic, the two workshops, performance, good refreshments, music, and a birthday cake! Admission is free, but registration is needed through Eventbrite so we can lay on enough available food with lunch from Falmouth Community Kitchens. In the evening there will be a pizza van (Paddle & Basil) at the back door and the bar will be open. Oh yes, and lots of books for sale at special prices.
The beautiful Pavilion gardens overlook the sea and are enhanced by a splendid bandstand in the middle. It’s really a treat day, not to be missed. The weatherman promises kindness, though he’s not always reliable …Falmouth Poetry Group thanks Falmouth Town Council, the Tanner Trust, and The Princess Pavilion.

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