Farming for the Future: Going to Seed

  • April 26
  • 18:30 - 19:30
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Join us for an evening in conversation with local author Simon Fairlie as we hear about his life through the prism of his new memoir, and discuss his work in the context of our Regenerative Food and Farming programmes at Schumacher College.

‘Going to Seed’ questions the current trajectory of Western “progress”—and the explosive consumerism, growing inequality, and environmental devastation laid bare in our daily newsfeeds—and will resonate with anyone who wonders how we got to such a place. Simon’s story is for anyone who wonders what the world might look like if we began to chart a radically different course.

A thought-provoking series with leading practitioners in regenerative food and farming, co-hosted by Chelsea Green Publishing UK and Dartington Trust.

The ongoing global pandemic has exposed the frailties and shortcomings of current food production systems and has made it abundantly clear that things cannot go on the way they are. Through in-depth discussions with a number of leading voices in regenerative growing, this unique, inspiring series will show how small-scale farmers, ranchers and growers are working to restore our shared earth.

Participants will come away with action points to create more self-sustaining spaces– be it a garden, a smallholding or a farm, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions during each event. The events are hosted by Nathan Einbinder agroecologist and programme lead on the new undergraduate programme in Regenerative Food and Farming which starts at Schumacher College in September.