Finding Your True Voice Writing Workshop with Stephanie Lam (online)

  • Online
  • May 11
  • 18:00 - 19:30
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Join us on 11 May at 6PM for Finding Your True Voice, an online writing workshop by author and journalist Stephanie Lam which will provide fun, practical tasks to firstly recognise your true voice, and secondly write in a way that lets that shine through. The atmosphere will be encouraging and positive, and attendees will leave with a piece of their original writing, plus a toolbox of tricks to help them develop that voice throughout their writing lives.

Stephanie Lam has worked as a teacher to refugees for over 20 years and is a published novelist and non-fiction self-help author. Since the pandemic Stephanie has been running courses and workshops to help frazzled, busy people with practical techniques to unwind. For the past five years she has also been the back-page columnist for Breathe magazine, writing on authenticity and self-love. It is primarily this work – in addition to her other writing experience – that has enabled her to discover and write in her true

“Coming from several marginalised communities myself, I’ve struggled with discovering my own true voice. It’s been a lifelong journey, and I’ve picked up a few techniques along the way. I’m passionate about helping writers like me avoid the long route home, while learning to express themselves truthfully. I feel we need a plurality of voices in our culture, and to avoid what others expect of us – even those who come well-intentioned.”

Stephanie Lam is a published novelist, non-fiction author and freelance journalist. She writes the back page column for Breathe magazine on breaking down unhelpful personal narratives and embracing our true, imperfect selves. In 2020 her self-help book Unfrazzle: The Easy Way To Reclaim Your Calm was published, and she regularly runs workshops and courses based on its content. For over twenty years she’s also been a teacher in an immigration detention centre, working with highly stressed adult men.

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