Haiku – across the senses

  • Online
  • August 30 - December 6
  • 16:00 - 17:00
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This course, with lead Tutor Alan Summers, provides a stepping point between our Introducing… Haiku and the Intermediate Haiku classes, but is also a good reboot for anyone wanting to remind themselves to use all of the senses over their haiku writing. The well-eyed are so often drawn to the visual. Haiku is a craft of observation, but we also observe through our ears, noses, and through touching and tasting.

Over five sessions, one of each of the five senses will dominate the assignment briefings. There will be a written exercise each time exploring the “sense of the session” and then using your exercise observation notes as a starting point, you’ll be invited to submit a haiku. There’ll be written feedback on your exercise, and on your haiku, in a joint document so that classmates benefit from a shared learning experience.

Please note: this course is Asynchronous, not live, and includes written work and assignment links, working in your own time, and submitting through the Call of the Page website.