How To Write Crime, Thriller and Mystery

  • Online
  • November 6
  • 09:00 - 20:00
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We are absolutely thrilled to showcase this incredible lineup of writers and publishing industry professionals for our online How To Write Crime, Thriller and Mystery day!

It’s no secret that this genre has proved popular for decades but sales for this range of fiction leapfrogged all others during lockdown. Whether Cozy Crime or a more psychological thriller we ask why readers are drawn to it and why more and more authors turn to crime fiction to whet their own creative appetites. This day is PACKED with advice and will appeal to discerning sleuths everywhere whether you are a fan of the genre or plotting your own standalone novel or police procedural series.

We’ll investigate why these books appeal to our curiosity, what types of crime sell well, how the face of crime has changed, how you pitch your own novel to an agent or publisher, and remedies for coping with rejection when the going gets tough. And remember, anything you do learn may be taken down as evidence for your own manuscript.

There are many elements in how a book comes together: the killer hook, twisty plot, tracking your storyline, relatable dialogue, the choice of setting, and even the crime scene itself. Are villains all bad? How do we develop characters with series potential? And are we really influenced by the colour on a front cover? All these questions, and more, will form part of our investigation throughout the day.


This is our biggest How To Write event yet with NINE SESSIONS across the day! You can choose from our lineup and pay for individual guests OR take advantage of the All Day Pass to access ALL live sessions and replays up until 30 November 2021!

To miss this day would be a crime!

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