Introducing… Haiku

  • Online
  • February 7 - April 4
  • 16:00 - 17:00
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Led by Lead Tutor Alan Summers, this course is designed to be gentle enough for complete beginners (at haiku, or at creative writing), but at the same time stimulating enough to introduce haiku as a new form to those who are already writing poetry or prose. Or perhaps you already know about haiku, but want to ease into studying it more seriously. It can also be used as a haiku “warm-up” or for “back to what we first loved about haiku” for writers who would enjoy a reset. A highly pleasurable course to run, and we trust, take part in!

Participants are sent introductory materials on the start date, which will include the first assignment briefing. We’ll engage with haiku as a reader, using gentle and evocative prose exercises to expand our understanding of what these tiny haiku can do. As the course continues, we’ll consciously encourage our own senses of observation, and learn to key in to moments and observations that inspire haiku. By the third and final assignment (or sooner if you are ready) we’ll have built up to writing complete haiku poems.

Please note: this course is Asynchronous, not live, and includes written work and assignment links, working in your own time, and submitting through the Call of the Page website.