Mazed Tales and Cornish Folk Tales of Place at Bude-Stratton Heritage Festival

  • The Castle Bude
  • July 21
  • 13:00 - 15:00

Mazed Tales storyteller Sue Field will be telling the folk tales from North Cornwall with beautiful puppets.
Cornish folklore writer Anna Chorlton will be giving a Book signing of ‘Cornish Folk Tales of Place’.
‘Cornwall’s rugged coast is etched with stories. Here you’ll find tales of powerful mermaids, wild witches, crafty smugglers and woeful ghosts. Up om the moors are mischievous piskeys, huge giants and elusive beasts. Let the piskeys lead you astray across the windy tors and sandy shorelines to experience wonder, miracles, secrets and magic.’
As part of Bude-Stratton Heritage Festival